4th Grade – 4S

Schiro_Mrs.42_150x187Mrs. Julie Schiro
Fourth Grade





Things are popping in 4th grade. We are learning what is required of us to be a good 4th grade student. The students are asked to be responsible for their work and for one another. Being kinder than necessary and showing mercy to others is a huge part of our day. Fourth grade is a year of change and lots of growth. This year will be filled with exciting things such as our St. Francis pet blessing, running for class rep., earning Honor Roll, as well as being buddies to our K! kindergarten friends. Another exciting event this year will be our Mission field trip! Students will be playing the recorder in music and will have Spanish class twice a week.. We have many great things to look forward to this year and I am excited to share this year with my students.

Thank you and God bless!

Mrs. Schiro




 Updated 9-1-16