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Sixth Grade






.Hi, and welcome to 6G. My name is Michelle Garrett and I was born and raised in Fresno. This is my 18th year teaching 6th grade literature, math, and social studies at St. Anthony’s. I enjoy reading to my students, playing math games, and particularly teaching about ancient civilizations. Especially Egypt! The most rewarding part of being a teacher at St. Anthony’s is when students, past and present, come by just to visit and share what is going on in their lives.

When I am not teaching I enjoy spending time with my husband Jason, my 14 year old son Michael, and my 9 year old daughter Lauren. We love the beach, especially Monterey and Santa Cruz, playing miniature golf, swimming, watching movies, reading books, watching our pet turtle Rocky, playing with our dog Max, and walking to the ice cream store around the corner from our house.



We participate in the Accelerated Reader program. I have many books for students to read that are on the program. Students are given a reading log to keep at school to record their points. I count the points as one homework assignment. Students will be assessed through STAR to determine their reading zone. There will also be a monthly book report. Students may write their book report on an Accelerated Reader book.


We will be reading many wonderful novels together as a class. There will be one class novel each trimester. This reading is separate from their DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. Grades will come from comprehension questions, essays, and quizzes.


Students will work on the formation of their writing skills through the 6+1 Writing Traits. This program focuses on organization, word choice, ideas, sentence fluency, conventions, voice, and presentation. We will cover descriptive, narrative, and expository writing styles.


Students work from a math book and workbook. Their math book can be found online! Ask your child about their code to view excellent instructional videos of the lessons covered in class. Each math period we will begin with  review/correction of homework and introduction of a new concept. I will use math games and other activities to reinforce the concepts. Your child must know the multiplication table up to 12. If they struggle, I suggest practicing with flash cards and other great apps. Find a fun game of practicing the math facts! For all chapters there will be quizzes and tests to see how everyone is progressing. Encourage your child to see me at first recess if they are having trouble. My door is always open Monday through Thursday at first recess for any one-on-one help. I am available during math lab/homework club Tuesday through Thursday from 3:00 – 3:30 to provide additional help. We implement higher level concepts to have your child ready for algebra by 8th grade. If you find that your child is becoming easily frustrated on the homework, stop for the night, and have them see me for help in completing the assignment the next day.


We work from a wonderful book. Grades will come from homework, classwork, workbook, quizzes, tests, and projects. This year we will write a country report (power point presentation), have a “Country Convention”, “Walk Through The Ancient World”, learn about ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome and MANY other exciting places. This will be a lot of work but even more fun because of all the group and hands-on activities!


Thank you to the 6th grade parents for allowing me the privilege of working with your child this year. Together, we can help your child develop a genuine love of learning and a strong foundation for the 7th grade and beyond. I believe I have my dream job. I love to see my students curious and strive for knowledge. With a positive environment this will happen.


God Bless,

Michelle Garrett



Mrs. Garrett

Updated 8-12-16