6th Grade – 6S

Silverio_Mrs.46_150x187Mrs. Erin Silverio
Sixth Grade






Welcome to 6S! My name is Erin Silverio and I love to work with 6th graders.  This is my 19th year teaching at St. Anthony’s School, and I thank the wonderful St. Anthony’s community for the tremendous opportunity to guide our children in their mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

Accelerated Course 1 Math: In this course, I hope to help students become better problem solvers who fully comprehend the basics and understand the significance of mathematics.  We will touch on a number of topics this year including solving one-variable equations and inequalities, reasoning with ratios to solve problems, extending previous understandings of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to the system of rational numbers, and solving real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume.

6th Grade Science: I have a number of objectives for this year.  My most important goal is to encourage our children become more curious about the world.  I want them to see the beauty in science, the harmony of creation, and the intricacy of God’s handiwork through the balance and the symmetry of all that is around us.  I plan to encourage our children to apply the scientific method to understand the universe and help them realize their responsibility to care for the beautiful planet God has given us

6th Grade Religion: I feel very privileged to teach this course.  Through our journey in the scriptures I hope to be a model Christian for your children.  By providing a secure and moral learning environment that is based on respect and love for God and all of his creations, I desire to serve and guide our children through their spiritual enrichment.

Our middle school students will probably not remember all of the book content and some of the concepts we’ll examine this year, but what they will remember are the morals and values portrayed, the self-esteem and new friendships created, and the love gained during their momentous 6th grade year.  I hope to help make their transitions as pre-teenagers smooth, enjoyable, and rewarding by being a role model of Christ.

My two favorite sayings:
Science is Awesome!
Success for 6S!

Some personal information: God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters, Madeline and Julia, both of whom attend St. Anthony’s School.  We love visiting the beach, reading books, cheering on the Green Bay Packers (actually my husband is a Niners fan), and playing outside




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