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Seventh and Eighth Grades





Welcome to Mrs. Cornwell-Macias’s 7th and 8th grade classes. I love teaching at SAS because of the fantastic students and parents but most importantly because of the common thread that binds us together, our Catholic faith. The students at St. Anthony’s will be the future leaders of our community and it is my commitment to impart to them the wisdom necessary to create and maintain a community of compassion and equality for all.

In 7th grade Religion, Christ Our Life, encourages prayer and guides students to a deeper personal relationship with Christ. It teaches the students how to live out their faith in their daily lives and in communion with the Church. Based on a spiral curriculum, it integrates Scripture, Catholic doctrine and Tradition, and the Church’s social teachings. The laptop program will allow the students to create timelines, power points, and newspapers within this content area. In addition the students will be able to explore Catholic websites.

The 8th grade Religion program is devoted to the study of God’s faithful love as it is revealed in the Church founded by Jesus Christ. The Church Then and Now is designed to help young people grow in their knowledge and love of the Church. This is an interactive course between teacher, student, Religion book, and the Internet. Class discussion and participation are essential ingredients and students are invited to share their ideas.

Family Life (Theology of the Body) (8th Grade)

Theology of the Body for Teens is a dynamic faith formation program for teens and pre-teens in Catholic schools. Using a great mix of stories, real-life examples, activities, prayers, and relevant references to the culture, it goes beyond traditional chastity programs by connecting the two hottest topics on the planet–God and sex.

In 8th Grade Social Studies our students are immersed in History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism. They begin a powerful journey through the history of the United States from its earliest foundations to the age of industrialism. With hands-on activities, students will examine the events that led up to the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. They will visit battlegrounds to experience the elements of the Civil War. They will join the explorers, missionaries, and other pioneers on difficult journeys to settle the rugged West.

The drama elective is vibrant and strong. This class is designed to give the student actor tools they might need in acting a part. Games and Exercises are used to unlock spontaneity and channel the imagination. Students learn and develop improvisation skills and rehearse and perform monologues.

The 2nd trimester students join the K-1 students in our annual Christmas program. The 1st and 3rd trimester drama elective students perform in-class plays. Field trips in the past have included such shows as Wicked, Shrek the Musical and The Christmas Carol. Our students have also attended The Great Dickens Christmas Fair held at San Francisco’s Cow Palace



Language Arts – Curriculum Map 12-13



Mrs. Cornwell and Mr. Sarkisian

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