7th Grade – 7G

Gonzalez_Mr.17_150x187Mr. Jesse Gonzalez
Seventh Grade





Work hard and dream big.

I believe in bringing out the best in every student and helping them to reach their fullest potential while in my classroom.

I am committed to helping every student to excel academically and to guide them to grow as a student and as an individual.

I will help create and foster a learning environment that will promote collaboration and unity in my classrooms.

Course Expectations:


Focused and ready to learn something new every day.


Ensure all assignments are submitted according to the deadline. Class attendance is also important to help students benefit from the course.


Engagement and participation in class is highly encouraged. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts!


Be respectful towards teacher and classmates. Encourage one another and stay united as a team!


God bless,

Mr. Gonzalez





Updated 8-17-16