8th Grade – 8B

Baker_Mrs.2_150x187Mrs. Jami Baker
Seventh and Eighth Grades






Ever since I was a child, I loved being outdoors.  This love led me to a science field. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Environmental Science and a minor in Business.  At UCLA I was active in Delta Zeta Sorority and in Marching Band.  There I met my husband, Greg, and we were married in 1989, after I received my Teaching Credential.  After living in Tucson, Arizona, we moved to Fresno in 1993 were I began as a 6th grade teacher here at St. Anthony’s School.  In 1999, I took over the 7th and 8th Science program.

I have 2 children. My daughter, Cassie, graduated from St. Anthony’s in 2009 and is currently a freshman at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona. My son is a freshman at Bullard High School where he is active in Marching Band and Volleyball. In addition I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 6 koi, a bullfrog and various reptiles in my classroom.

My family’s hobbies include UCLA sporting events, hiking, traveling to National Parks, and Hawaii.

Life Science 7th graders will learn about cells and use microscopes to view them. They also will create a 3D cell to share with our 5th grade classes. Genetics (how all these cells come together) is fascinating to the students as they explore this subject through a face lab. After Christmas, students will focus on the 6 Kingdoms of Life. Our trip to Monterey will teach about invertebrate animals.

In Physical Science 8th graders will learn about the forces that govern the earth. Students will create projects to measure speed, Newton’s 3 Laws, and Density. Legos are used to explore simple machines and energy transfer. After Christmas, the human body systems will be reviewed through dissection. Before Graduation, 8th graders will explore and memorize many elements of the periodic table.

Algebra 1P prepares students for High School Honors Algebra or Geometry.



Updated 8-14-13