8th Grade – 8S

shearer_miss-38_150x188Ms. Nancy Shearer
Eighth Grade





Welcome to eighth grade! I am so happy to be teaching once again at St. Anthony’s. It is such a unique, Christ-centered, family-focused school. I love adventure whether it be international travel, attending our local cultural festivals, or exploring a new hobby. This is why I am a teacher. Learning is a great adventure, and I love helping students embrace the wonder of God’s creation!

I am the 8S homeroom teacher and teach both sections of eighth grade English and literature as well as one algebra class.

English and Literature

Reading, writing, listening and speaking are life-long skills that are required to succeed in our society and are foundational for success in all other subject areas. Literature readings will be completed individually, in a Literature circle group, or as a whole class. Our diverse reading list includes short stories, poems, novels, plays, and nonfiction. Response journaling, vocabulary development, and the A.R. program are incorporated into the literature program. Students will learn and practice formal and informal writing in a variety of genres. Grammar and other conventions will be taught to enhance each student’s writing abilities. Students will be taught various oral presentation strategies that incorporate content, voice, and body language.


            The eighth grade algebra class will cover math standards such as the number system, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability. The focus of the class will be to understand the underlying logic and patterns of the concepts presented.

I look forward to a great eighth grade year! Nunc coepi! Praised Be Jesus Christ, now and forever!


Language Arts – Curriculum Map 12-13


Updated 8-9-16