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Welcome to K1 Having Fun!

I am delighted to be a part of your child’s first year here at St. Anthony’s. There are many activities throughout the year and  I will keep you informed through our weekly newsletter and Schoolspeak.

Religion: We will be learning about Jesus’ life as a young boy. We will learn about his family and how his life was no different than the lives our young children are living today. He had the same joys and fears. He had to mind his parents and do his chores. He went to Temple and school. We will learn to parallel our lives to Jesus and try to go through our daily routine as Jesus would.  We will learn about our Blessed Mother and celebrating the special Saints within our church.  We will also attend weekly Friday Mass with the rest of the school and celebrating our church holidays.

Language Arts: We will begin with basic letter recognition and letter sound recognition.  We will build our phonics base, learning syllabication, rhyming, phoneme blending and phoneme substitution.  We introduce approximately 50 pre-primer sight words and we do a beginner’s  Writer’s Workshop program that is integrated daily into our language arts curriculum.  Mrs. Nita Renner is our Language Resource teacher and will work additionally  with the children Monday through Thursday in small  groups.

Math:  Developing number sense, Common Core math vocabulary, free exploration and Math Journals are an integral part of our math program.

Science: Learning scientific methods, experiments, free exploration, the investigating of Physical and Life and Science Journal round out our program.

Music: Our music teacher, Mr. David Sarkisian, works with our  children every Thursday morning.  He introduces new songs and the basic scales of music and the different instruments. They will also be working on our Christmas program.

Computers: We will go to the computer lab once a week to learn basic computer skills. The children will learn basic keyboarding. We then move into reading and math programs. The computers will be on in our classroom for the children to use and learn and have fun with.  Our classrooms are also equipped with 7 Ipads, enough to use at a small center.

Library: On Tuesday’s the children will go to the school library where they will pick out a book to take home. They will do this under the guidance of our Librarian. Library books will be kept at school.





Updated 9-1-16