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Welcome to Mrs. Wills’ K2 all day kindergarten class.  I am looking forward to a great year with your child.  The children are eager to learn and excited about being in kindergarten.  We will be working very hard and the children will be busy learning their prayers and God’s love for each of us.  Religion is a huge aspect in our classroom.  It is not treated as a single subject.  It is taught throughout the day in everything we do and say.  The children will be attending Prayer Service every Monday and Mass every Friday.

Math is taught daily with writing their numbers, learning to count, patterning, simple addition and subtraction, telling time and counting money.

Reading is taught twice a day including phonics and the Cullinan program led by Mrs. Renner.  Spelling tests are weekly and include the high frequency words that are given out weekly.

Social Studies, Science, and Art are also part of our curriculum taught in K2.

The students attend the computer lab every Friday with Mr. Olson.  They visit our library each week with Mrs. Polacek, where they can check out a book to take home to read. They also attend music once a week with Mr. Sarkisian.

Mrs. Cochran and her 4th grade students are our buddies and we look forward to sharing time with them this year!  This is a special bonding time and we are blessed to have our buddies.  We will sit with them for some of our Friday Masses which is very special for both the big buddies and the little buddies.  There are many “buddy times” shared with Mrs. Cochran and our 4C buddies throughout the school year!

It is my prayer that each of my students grow in their faith and love of God.  I am very confident that this will be a great growing and learning year!



Language Arts – Curriculum Map 12-13


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Updated 9-1-16